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word of the day: rush

Hi Friends, Mornings are my time to see the world and write it right. And with early meetings and teaching, I have had no mornings to speak of. This morning, with our beautiful guest, Uri Shaffir in my class, I planned to drop off, go home, sit down, and dig in. And then I/we/he left […]

ghost piano

I have found that doing to-do tasks, like writing my post-tenure review, to the “Peaceful Piano” station on spotify makes the moment feel like a day at the beach in Jane Campion’s The Piano. And suddenly, I’m both spirited awake and lulled into peaceful calm by the melodies of my inner ghost piano and the […]

word(s) of the day: epistemic hospitality

Hi Friends, The world is frozen outside but inside I am feeling a bit of a thaw. I feel this thing in my days called, I think the word I’m looking for is, happiness. It’s a simple notion of the word–no bursting forth, just a quiet ease of being. It shows up in places where […]

word of the day: passage

Hi Friends, My son is terrified of “The Wall.” Not Pink Floyd’s, though I remember being forced to watch that at Geoff Remy’s house in 7th grade and it scared the crap out of me. No, The Wall I’m talking about is the calamity that the ass hat we have for a leader thinks will […]

thank you note

Dear Erika, I have been thinking of you a lot lately, 2018 you, the you who just survived, and I wanted to write you a thank you note. I know that thank you notes are better written in ink, but our handwriting has gone to shit over the last few years and I wanted to […]

word of the day: betoken

Hi Friends, This morning I was asked, out of the internet blue (you know that shade of blue? The one that has no other likeness and looks most like a lake reflecting your past?), to be a character witness for a murder trial. I was not asked to take the stand, just write a letter […]

word of the day: loo

Hi Friends, It’s Nightswimming time again. September coming soon, and all that. This is the first summer where I never really left the office so I don’t have the angst and the anger about going back. I am thinking about my opening talk for the retreat next tuesday and what note I want to strike, […]

organ donors

Yesterday I had tea, iced soy chai, to be specific, with an Episcopalian priest whose heart, too, was broken into pieces that, when laid out on the table before us, looked so similar to my own that I think I may have picked up a few of her shards and she, a few of mine. […]

word of the day: nobody

Hi Friends, “Goodnight nobody.” This line from Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon has always held deep and perfect mystery for me–alone in the dark where everything changes and becomes its shadow-side mystery. Haunted more and more recently by the queerness of this phrase, I had to learn more about its poet. This sentence seemed to […]

Dream from my higher power, letter from my 84-year old self

Dear Erika, I hate that you are still having challenges with your physical form. I’m a little over it at this point, frankly, you with two working knees and only the beginnings of spider veins, but I get it, it’s been a hard year with lots of change and you (and others) were starting to […]