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Category: letters to myself

Love letter from 67 year-old Erika

Dear Erika, Do you remember when you didn’t know how to grill? Or thought you didn’t? And how you didn’t think you could fill the air in the tires of your car? Now, you still look like you’re on a Japanese game show when you try but do it you can! Oh, and remember taxes? […]

love note to myself

Dear Erika, I feel your new moon melancholy today and I wanted to let you know that, just like phases of our old heavenly orb, this too shall pass. Maybe it’s the too much. Or maybe it’s the not enough. Maybe it’s the distance from your root chakra to your heart. Or maybe it’s the […]

thank you note

Dear Erika, I have been thinking of you a lot lately, 2018 you, the you who just survived, and I wanted to write you a thank you note. I know that thank you notes are better written in ink, but our handwriting has gone to shit over the last few years and I wanted to […]

letter to myself

Dear Erika, A few things to remember: You can’t be trusted to watch a show by yourself after 7pm. Especially “This is Us.” What were you thinking? There is always a friend awake somewhere in the world. Or one who will be willing to wake up. You love how confusing J’aimais and jamais are in […]

love letters from myself

Dear Erika, I know that you are suffering, but let me tell you, your skin looks amazing from all that salt water. I see it tightening your pores and I want to thank you for washing yourself clean. Love, 64 year-old Erika